Pregnancy Related Pregnancy 6 Delightful Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

6 Delightful Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

What better way to announce the arrival of your little bundle of joy than the coveted occasion of Halloween? We have a range of ideas to help you in the process. Pumpkins and costumes play a major role in the reveal. Lap it up as spooky, cool, boo-tiful, and witty ideas are thrown your way.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

1) Pumpkin Baby Announcement

Write the names of the family members on pumpkins using black markers. Alternatively, you can use stencils on black construction paper for the letters and glue them on the surface of the pumpkins.  Add a small pumpkin to the group and write baby on it. Quite a hint, what say?

DIY Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

Those adept at carving pumpkins can hollow out a bigger pumpkin signifying the mother and placing a tiny pumpkin within. Isn’t cuteness redefined? The other pumpkins can have the names of the other family members on them. Pregnant pumpkin carving stencils can be used for a creative birth announcement. Isn’t it great to make a pumpkin having a baby inside?

Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement

If you don’t want to clutter your pumpkins with letters, just draw Jack-o’-lantern faces on them. A hat on one pumpkin signifies the father, a flower on another signifies the mother, and the baby pumpkin can have a pacifier glued on. You can notify the due date on a chalkboard placed in the background.

Halloween Baby Announcement

If you want to surprise your husband with the announcement, make the below-carved pumpkin for him with light inside. Get the photos clicked and share them on social media to get instant attention and hearty good wishes for the upcoming little one.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement to Husband

2) Halloween Baby Announcement Costumes

These eerie black and white skeleton costumes and the right makeup are sure to send a chill down your spine. Note the tiny skeleton on mom-to-be’s costume denoting the baby’s arrival.

Pregnancy Announcement Halloween Costumes

For twins, you can have 2 baby skeletons on your shirt. Look for Halloween maternity T-shirts at a nearby store.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

3) Cards

Distribute cards with the due date among friends and family. They should be Halloween-themed.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Card

Here is another template to inspire you. Your parents would be glad to receive this.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Template

Pep the cards up with fun sayings. The below template could be your guide.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Saying

4) Onesie With Birth Announcement Wordings

Break the news to the grandparents with a cute and funny poem on a baby onesie. Gift it to them and just sit back and watch their expressions.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement to Grandparents

5) Dogs For Pregnancy Announcement

Let the dogs do the talking with a cool chalkboard-style announcement as the backdrop. Share the photos and let your faithful friends be popular on social media. A torrent of best wishes should follow.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement with Dogs

6) Video

It would be a great idea to make a video of your pumpkin carvings, complete with a beautiful, meaningful song playing in the background and announcing the new arrival with a pumpkin message in the end. The below could be your inspiration. Share on social media and see the reaction!

We hope you like our ideas and are raring to go with the DIY crafts. For the costumes, visit a local store or online sellers who can customize a T-shirt with your personalized message. Your calligraphy and drawing skills would be handy while designing the cards and signage. That is not to mention your pumpkin carving and decorating skills. Poems and sayings the forte of anyone?

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