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Best Shoes for Pregnancy

During your nine-month stint, comfort should be prioritized over fashion, especially regarding footwear.

Since your feet are likely to expand half to a whole size when pregnant (as mentioned by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons/ACFAS), choosing appropriate maternity footwear is of utmost importance as it helps you to walk around with ease.

Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Is wearing heels safe while pregnant?

When pregnant, your body produces the relaxin hormone to increase the flexibility of your pelvis for childbirth. This results in loosening the bones around the knee and foot, putting greater pressure on the joints and connective tissues. Wearing heels when expecting would lead to a slight change in your posture, further increasing the pressure on your knees and ankles.

Some medical professionals opine that the kind of shoes depends on your activity, like a long walk calls for comfortable footwear, while low heels would be okay for desk work.

What makes a shoe good to wear when pregnant?

  • Flat soles or low heels (less than two inches)
  • Easily adjustable
  • Slip-on design not requiring you to bend down
  • Soft texture
  • Adequate breathable space

When should you stop wearing heels during pregnancy?

Though in early pregnancy, wearing medium heels would not cause too much of a problem unless you trip and fall, it is advisable to do away with them completely in the second and third trimesters to avoid discomfort and unpleasant occurrences.

6 comfortable shoes for pregnancy

1. Moccasins and Loafers

Both have similar features. These come with a soft, breathable texture, giving your feet a relaxed feeling while minimizing aches and pains.

Suited for any occasion or season, some designs even come with laces, making it easy for you to adjust the size if there is swelling of your feet.


Loafers Best Dress Shoes for Pregnancy

2. Flat-soled sandals

They come with or without buckles comforting those with swollen feet, varicose veins, and joint pains.

They are available in various designs like casual flip flops, ideal for a hot summer day, or ones with gorgeous decorations to be worn on special occasions like a wedding.


Flat-Soled Shoes to Wear When Pregnant
Flat-Soled Shoes When Pregnant

3. Low-heeled boots/booties

Boots with low heels are one of the most supportive shoes for pregnancy.

They help keep your feet compressed, relieving those troubled with swelling. They are the perfect footwear for fall and winter.


Boots for Pregnant Women

4. Orthopedic Crocs

One of the best walking shoes for pregnancy, these flats come with an orthotic molded foot and pores on the top.

Besides being ideal for those with a swollen foot, they even support the lower limbs, hips, back, and knees.


Croc Shoes

5. Dansko work shoes

Dansko Office Shoes for Pregnancy

This low-heeled slip-on is one of the most comfortable work shoes during pregnancy because of its durability, ideal for expecting mothers who work long shifts.


6. Skechers gym shoes

Maternity Sneakers

Sneaker-styled, soft, and padded, these athletic shoes are suitable footwear for gym or prenatal yoga classes as they keep your feet warm and cozy.


A few useful tips

  • Wearing arch support before slipping on your shoes helps support the extra weight your feet would bear. The ACFAS also recommends this.
  • Compression stockings are excellent for lessening swelling of the feet and ankle and controlling the blood flow.