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25 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Congratulations on your pregnancy! A big gender reveal party is around the corner!

Yes, you are so excited now that you are pregnant and you almost know the gender of your baby. But wait, what is the rush?

Many parents love to know their baby’s gender with their friends and families, and I’m sure you are one of them. So, why don’t we take this big occasion into a fun event?

Send invitations to your family and friends and prepare for a gender reveal party as we bring you different unique ideas for a fun party.

Even if you already know the gender of your baby, your near ones can have fun with you. But if you want to take this to the next level, try not to know the gender of your baby beforehand and wait for the party day.

But first, let me give you some tips that you might need beforehand.

How to host a perfect gender reveal party?

You’re halfway through pregnancy, and still, there has been no party at home? No problem, gender reveal calls for it.

But the question is how to make the gender reveal party memorable to others and yourself. Here are some good tips so that the flick of party idea in your mind does not end up being a mess.

  • Invite friends and family two weeks before so that they can make time for it. They are busy too.
  • Take time to do your ultrasound, as sometimes the baby’s position can hamper revealing the gender to you.
  • Ask your ultrasound technician to write the gender of your baby on paper and put it in an envelope if you want to wait till the party, to know it. (This is the fun way, I tell you).
  • Get help from your partner or close friend to arrange the reveal party as you do not want to know the gender of your baby just yet, and there can arise unwanted situations, you know.
  • Manage the party with your budget. If you have more, you can always hire some event planners; if not, you can make it a cozy little fun party with only your near and dear ones.
  • Choose some great ideas from below and get set for a grand party.

All set for having a blast at the party?

As you are all sparkles and confetti, let me take you through some brilliant ideas for a grand, fun party that will wow your guests. Put on a party hat as we are about to have some fun.

Here you go; all the good ideas bundled up to reveal the sex of your bundle of joy, pointed below:

1. Balloons in a box

One of my favorite gender-revealing party ideas, balloons in a box are a pretty sight for your party.

Take the envelope given by your doctor to the nearest store. Ask them to blow up colored balloons and put them inside a big box so that you do not know which color the balloons are.

Take the box at home and take it out at the party. With everyone gathered around, open the box letting blue or pink balloons fly up and know the mystery of your unborn child and your friends and families.

2. Lottery

Another brilliant idea for a gender reveal party is to use lottery-like scratch cards. You give the envelope to people in the store where you can buy scratch cards and tell them to give you cards according to the sex of your child.

The fun part comes when at the party, you, along with your party guests, get a card and scratch all at once to reveal the gender of your baby-to-come.

3. Themed parties

Themed parties can always excite your guests, and when the party is the gender reveal party, it is more fun! Pick a theme, for example, a Christmas-themed party where Santa Claus comes and tells everyone, including you, the sex of your baby in your belly.

4. Outfits

Go to a store and choose two onesies, a blue and a pink. Then ask the person in the store to pack one cloth based on the gender of your baby by giving them your doctor’s envelope.

After the party starts, gather everyone around and open the box to see whether it’s a boy or a girl hiding in your belly.

5. Food

You can also show your creativity to the guests by using food as the gender revealers. For that, ask your baker to bake cookies with colored fillings.

At the party, give the cookies to all of your guests, and all at once, take a bite. The inside of your and their cookies will reveal the gender of your baby in a delicious way.

6. Teams

Make your party participative and include all of your guests in this game. Ask your guests to cast a vote for their favorite gender. You can use a chalkboard or make some fancy games out of this.

After two teams cast a vote, let someone in the family mention the winning team as he/she reveals the gender of your baby. Some small gifts like candies for the winning team can also make the game fun.

7. Treasure hunts

Sometimes, treasure hunts can be the best idea when organizing a gender reveal party. You can use your creativity while organizing the game.

Put some clues in envelopes pointing towards that one envelope consisting of the sex of your baby. This way, you and all your guests can have fun returning to childhood memories.

8. Blow confetti

A party without confetti is obviously, boring! So, here is the brilliant and easiest idea one can throw into a party, yet the party comes out as a blast.

You ask someone to put colored confetti inside a black balloon and hang it in the right place. As all of your guests arrive, gather them around and blast open the balloon showering them with confetti that signals your baby’s gender.

9. Surprise lantern

Similar to a balloon, you can also use a paper lantern containing colored confetti. At the party, the surprise lantern can surprise everyone with the blue or pink confetti falling out from inside the lantern, which reveals the gender of your baby.

10. Cake

Another exciting and easy idea that can add fun to your gender reveal party, ask the baker to fill your cake with the filling in the color that refers to your baby’s gender (by giving the doctor’s note, obviously).

11. Egg hunts

One of the simplest ideas is to invite your friends over for an easter egg hunt party where only one egg contains the envelope telling your baby’s gender. As all the people search for it along with you, the first to find it becomes the winner to reveal the sex of your angel.

12. Let your older child tell it

If you already have a child expecting a sibling, ask them to reveal the news to you and your guests at the party. They can use banners, outfits, colors, or anything else to creatively announce the gender of their to-be-sibling.

13. Take pictures

Another fun activity to do at your child’s gender reveal party is to click pictures with all the guests coming to the party.

As your child grows, this can be a great memory for you and your child. You can announce the gender of your baby at any time during the party.

14. Record videos with messages for your future child

Another great idea to build up memories for your to-be-child is to record videos of your guests saying their blessings and messages to your baby who is to be born.

As much as a memory for your child in the future, it is also a very exciting way to celebrate your pregnancy. Also, don’t forget to record a video of the time you reveal your baby’s gender.

15. Have fun with old wives’ tales

As we’ve already gone through some fun old wives’ tales about the gender of your baby, you can enjoy the party by doing some of them. The cherry on top comes when you finally know and tell your guests about the gender of your baby.

16. Frame up your sonogram

When you visit your ultrasound technician, ask him/her to get you a copy of your baby’s picture. Although the picture may seem quite ambiguous about the sex of your child, make a frame in blue or pink color and then put the picture in it.

You can also let your partner or anyone else do this if you do not yet want to know the mystery. At the party, show the frame, so everyone gets the idea, and later, you can gift this to your baby when he/she’s old enough.

17. Baby shoes

What can be cuter than baby shoes? Take this cute idea to get awed by all of your guests while you reveal pink or blue baby shoes out of the mystery box at your baby’s gender reveal party.

18. Bubble gums all the way

Ask your spouse or anyone close to buying bubble gums in the color pink or blue as the gender of your baby, but the color should be neutral while looking from outside.

At the event, give everyone gum and, at the same time, blow bubbles and reveal the gender of your baby. Bubbly, isn’t it?

19. Pets are there to help

Let your pet or pets be a part of this event by dressing them in blue or pink clothes. Also, you can make them wear clothes that say “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl” so your guests won’t have difficulty understanding your pet’s weird clothing.

20. Countdown party

Let me remind you of your college once again! How about a countdown party? You can gather all the guests around and start the countdown, and obviously, at the end of your countdown, you reveal the gender of your baby to all your guests, or even yourself, for that matter.

21. Write for the baby

Although writing to your baby-to-come can be a very personal thing for you, you can also take it as a party idea. How about all your near ones write for your to-be-born at the party?

You can tell reveal the gender before or after doing this, and all the writings can be a great gift for your baby in the future.

22. Gender reveal puzzles

Yep! You can also make your guests do some puzzles so that at the end of their brain-scratching creative game, the result would be a revelation of your baby’s gender. Cool, right?

23. Egg in a box

Can’t seem to take your mind off the surprise box? This one is for you. Ask anyone to paint an egg blue or pink by giving them the slip of paper written by your doctor (yes, the one telling the sex of your baby) and then ask them to conceal it in a box. At the time of your party, you can open the box with everyone else and have surprising fun!

24. Ultrasound party

Talk about brilliant! Having an ultrasound gender reveal party means calling an ultrasound technician to your party and then having an ultrasound done amidst the party in front of your guests. Like it? I thought so.

25. Long distance reveal

Sometimes, the people closest to your heart can be miles away from you, but still, you can have all the fun at the gender reveal party. Skype is the best alternative let him/her be part of the whole party at your home.

If you like the old ways, how about a nice mail with a cute baby shoe inside? There can be more accessories. Get creative!

I hope you have a great time revealing the gender of your baby and having a blast at the party! Tell us which of these gender reveal party ideas you liked the most.

If you have some more ideas to add to this list, share them with us in the comment box below.

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