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6 Reasons to Love Your Linea Nigra During Pregnancy

The odds are you are having a baby, and you are pretty surprised by the appearance of a dark brown line running through your belly. That’s linea nigra, one of the most common signs of pregnancy.

It appears in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and can be seen running from pubis to bellybutton or even higher. So, don’t be afraid when you see yours extend up to the breast area.

Linea Nigra, appears in the body of a pregnant woman at around the 23rd week and remains for a few months after the delivery. Typically, it starts to disappear from the body in one or two months and leaves no permanent signs. So, linea nigra is only a temporary sign of your pregnancy, and there’s nothing weird to be worried about.

Despite being natural, linea nigra may seem an uninteresting and unattractive part of pregnancy to go through for women. But, here are some of the reasons why you may want to stop hating and start loving your Linea Nigra.

It is a general sign of your pregnancy

Linea Nigra is only a sign that represents your pregnancy for a temporary period. Its appearance adds to the wonderful changes your body undergoes during pregnancy.

Linea Nigra results from stimulated pregnancy hormones, which cause a rise in melanin in the body. This increase is also visible by the darkening of other parts like nipples, scars, freckles, and many more.

It is not harmful

Linea Nigra is perfectly natural, which means it does not have any negative effects on yourself or your child to be born. So, when there is nothing negative going on, what’s there not to love about it?

It is temporary

While some may find the appearance of Linea Nigra unattractive, it may help to know that it will not stay permanently.

Most of the time, it disappears within two months from your child’s birth, and if you become pregnant again, it reappears to serve its purpose.

The darkening can be minimized

It is perfectly fine to leave the Linea Nigra as it is during pregnancy. But for some, knowing that we can play a role in minimizing its appearance may bring joy. As it is a natural phenomenon, we cannot prevent its appearance in the body, but with some measures followed, we can lighten the darkness.

Wearing sunblock creams and covering the belly area with clothes prevent skin from getting darker. Eating nutritious food and applying lemon juice and alcohol to the skin can also come in handy in lightening the streak.

The line shows the path of your motherhood

It is extremely illogical to hate a part of your pregnancy that comes by to be with you during your pregnancy, which is linea nigra. It shows you a path towards your motherhood.

It is just like a good friend who comes to morally support you throughout your pregnancy. So, you better embrace your healthy friend than hate it for nothing.

You can predict your child’s gender

As linea nigra has been a part of pregnancy since the start of time, there have been many amusing old wives’ sayings. There is a saying that you can find out the sex of your child by looking at your Linea Nigra.

If it extends from the pubis to the naval, it may be a girl, and if it extends further above the naval, it may be a boy. Even though it is not scientific, there’s no harm in predicting, right?

Let us know your prediction regarding if you are having a baby boy or a girl seeing at your linea nigra in the comments below!

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